A.F & A.M.   Precedence 1820   Consolidated June 10.1988
About Waltham Triad Lodge A.F & A.M.:
We are 263 member strong. WTL was consolidated in June 10, 1988. The three original lodges were Monitor Lodge, Isaac Parker Lodge, and Waltham Lodge. Thereafter we were then strengthened by Victory Lodge.

Today, Waltham Triad Lodge is a vibrant lodge. We are always looking for men who want to better themselves through Freemasonry. Our lodge is active in the community and as each year passes, we contribute more to the Waltham community.
We strive  to create a strong bond to out brethren and form long lasting friendships that last a lifetime.

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Who are Freemasons?
Accountants, Bankers, Doctors, Car dealers, Landscapers, Doctors, Electrician, Fireman, Heating techs, Pianist,  Insurance agent, Jeweler, Lawyer, Mechanic, Nurse, Optician, Pastor, REALTOR, Salesman, Taylor, Chemists, College students, mortgage brokers, Military personnel, Inverters...Well... what do you do?

Waltham Triad Lodge Meets at Masonic Apartments
460 Newtonville Ave. Newton, MA 02464.
The first Monday of each month Sept to June

Fifth Masonic District Blood Drive Program
  Our Next blood drive is Sunday December 6th, 8:00AM to 1:00PM at The Newton Masonic building,460 Newtonville Ave, Newton, MA
Contact Bill Asadoorian wasadoorian@walthamtriadlodge.org
to set up an appointment slot.
Masonic Open House
  Our Lodge, at 460 Newtonville Ave., Newton Mass will be open to the public. Unveil the Mysteries and discover the true facts Freemasonry and see a re-enactment of a lodge. On your visit you will be ushered through our historic building, constructed in 1896. You will view Masonic artifact and we will answer ALL your questions. Doors open at 9AM and close at 3PM this tour is completely free. All are welcomed. DOWN LOAD our flyer HERE.


Exciting Day for Masons!
  OuIn June, The Grand Lodge of Masssachusetts performed a cornerstone ceremony at the state house and helped interred a time capsule that was place there in 1779 by Paul Revere. Here is a video of the ceremony.


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A Brother may need your help. 
In Masonry we know that Friendship, Morality and Brotherly Love is very important to the Fraternity.  It's too often that we forget our long time friends and  Brethren whom because of failing health can't make it to lodge or worse can't even leave there home. If you are aware of a Brother who is a shut in please let us know. We want to help and let them know we are here for them.
We invite you to watch a short video about Masonry below. For information about our lodge  please contact us for additional information:
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